Sinatra Big Band

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Step back in time and fly away with the essence of a man who continues to capture the hearts of millions. Matt Mauser & The Pete Jacobs Big Band: A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, captivates multi-generational Frank Sinatra fans across the globe, and will be making a rare appearance at the beautiful Brea Improv!

This critically acclaimed show is reminiscent of a young Frank Sinatra at the height of his career, when singing with The Count Basie Orchestra at The Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. Matt Mauser has the unique ability to put a modern twist on Frank’s classic sound, while using his own style to entertain and educate audiences about Frank's life.

The Brea Improv is the perfect place to see Matt Mauser and Pete Jacobs Band's renowned performance, with it's old school charm mixed with new technology. If you loved Sinatra in Vegas - you're going to love this show!



Huntington Beach Singer Strives to be Perfectly Frank Sintara

Maybe the best compliment Matt Mauser receives is when people close their eyes, listen and say he sounds just like him. The phrasing, the accent and the unique stage characteristics that helped add to the mystique are captured in Mauser’s voice, mannerisms and techniques.

It’s one thing to hear that from fans. It’s something else when a 64-year-old, life-long professional band leader says the same thing.

But that’s what happened when Pete Jacobs, from Irvine, went into the studio with his band and Mauser to cut a record. The band was jamming, Mauser was swinging and then “magic happened.”

“I closed my eyes and I was recording Sinatra,” Jacobs said. “It was so real, I got chills.”

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